Our Mission & Values

Global Wise Consulting Limited is a premier and boutique consultancy company providing individual and corporate investors with state-of-the-art services for business, economic and financial forecasting; business and corporate restructuring; global education and training; global scientific publishing and conference organization across the world.

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What We Do

Business Promotion And Investment Consultancy

We help our clients to determine their business strategies, develop their sales and marketing plan, and connect their organization to identify opportunities and grow their businesses. We also help our clients to provide tax incentive guidance for investors that are designed to encourage equity investment in companies in the UK.


Education And Training Services

Global Wise Consulting Limited Company is providing services for specializing in academic and professional journals; providing professional and executive education and training through short courses and firm-specific in-house programs primarily in the fields of finance, accounting, economics, forecasting, risk, and other disciplines common to business and law schools. The company is also preparing to conference organizations in London and Edinburgh, and all over the world to support their journals.


Business Analytics Services

We also provide business analytics which creates a business strategy to help businesses understand how the economic and financial environment will impact on their company performance, and where the future opportunities and future risks are likely to happen.


Business Forecasting

We provide business forecasting services such as demand and sales forecasting, advertising forecasting, price effects impact forecasting, governmental and institutional revenue forecasting. We help our clients to decide future evaluations and how these evolutions are likely to impact their businesses. Detailed and robust analysis and forecasts can provide information to make the best investment decision…